Where Not to Look for Love

Prison visiting rooms, after-hours joints, parking lots

Remington Write
Dec 21, 2019 · 2 min read
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You may want to write these down.

Places where you will not find true and everlasting love (loosely based on the author’s experience).

  • Prison visiting rooms
  • 12 Step recovery meetings
  • Online sex chatrooms
  • The spare bedroom where your husband’s friend is sleeping
  • Bars
  • Sex play parties
  • After-hours joints
  • Parking lots at White Castle or K-Mart
  • Shooting galleries (the heroin kind)

That said, I did meet my former partner (male) at the Big Apple Round-up at the LGBT&Q Center in New York. Several old hens clucked and warned me that I “barking up the wrong tree”.

He was a significant upgrade from the partner I’d had previously and we enjoyed nearly four years together. We’re still friends.

I picked up my current partner (he’s shy) at a queer sex party in Brooklyn five years after having met him at the same party and given him and his then-partner a ride back to their hotel. All the sages, oracles and highly regarded sources shake their heads emphatically on this one. Even I have to admit that having (amazing) sex with someone before you know his name might not bode well for anything more long-term.

That said, here we are nine years later, married and everything. Did not see that one coming.

The odds are really against finding a stable, loving, considerate partner in any of the places mentioned above. Then again, the odds of finding that stable, loving, considerate partner at the age of 52 are a bit of a stretch as well. It’s all a roll of the cosmic dice (sorry, Einstein), but you really can’t tell when or where you’ll meet someone with whom things mesh well. All you can do is sail forth into each day, taking the best care of yourself, and not rule things out too quickly.

Who knows what can happen?

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