Work Hard to Make Your Dream Come True

My husband’s dream was reached after ten long years.

Shelly McIntosh
Nov 7, 2019 · 6 min read
Work hard to acheive your dreams.
Work hard to acheive your dreams.
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Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.

Gail Devers

He saw a goal, he repeatedly came up short but kept working at it until he was successful.

My husband reached a goal this morning.

The actual thing he did isn’t something that would ever be important to me, but he worked toward it for years.

He never stopped running.

Every year he competes in 10K runs. The annual run he assigns the most personal importance to was held this morning. Later in the day, the temperature reached 84F, but it was in the mid-70s as the run began.

At some point in the past, a decade or so ago, my husband’s dream began.

He wanted his run time in the race to beat his age. He had never done it.

Hope began to build

As the participants began to find their places before the start of the race, my husband saw a friend from work. His friend is in his 30s and a great runner.

Shortly, the race began.

Starting at a quicker pace, my husband continued to feel good. He thought about his time as he ran. He was faster than usual. Faster than he’d been on his practice runs lately. Faster by quite a bit.

He still feels he is only an average runner for someone with his experience and fitness level.

What was different this year?

He had been trying to beat his age for at least a decade. Was he on a different medication? How could he not only reach his goal but exceed it by a full minute?

His success is due to nothing being different.

He kept at it. No matter what the obstacle, he kept at it. Rain or shine, cold or hot, he kept running. Two miles twice during the workweek, six miles on the weekend.

Each year that his goal seemed unachievable, he still plugged away.

This year he had good weather, no pulled muscles, and everything was going well. He kept open his hope, he had done the physical work in preparation, as he always did, and it happened.

We can all internalize his method.

My husband had a dream. His goal began to seem completely out of reach, but he kept at it. Each year that his goal seemed unachievable, he still plugged away.

There are a lot of writers who have writing dreams.

To work toward their goal, they work hard to craft words into small works of art. Or larger works of art.

How can success come if no one is reading their stories?

Is it publication? Or supplementing their income enough to pay for some extras? Whatever it is, they plug away, day by day, hoping to achieve their dream.

Sometimes it is easy to get discouraged.

They haven’t gotten the recognition as early as expected or they have hit a brick wall in getting eyes on their work. How can success come if no one is reading their stories?

Over time your writing will improve, but only if you keep writing.

Work on the bits of the process you have control over and try to let the rest go.

I am not sure what my husband’s next running goal will be.

I am a little afraid it will be to beat his age by two minutes.

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

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