Episode 12 — The (Coffee) Roaster

“When you’re doing something you’re passionate about, the hours really don’t matter”

One of things that really stuck with me after the interview with Vikram was one of the things his mentor had said —

“First you start off as a bolt, then a link eventually you need to become the chain itself”

The saying sums up really well the importance of thinking objectively about a problem, ensure progress is being made and having a vision.

Guitarist / Event Manager / DJ — Sales Guy — Flipkart Employee — Bar Manager — Coffee Entrepreneur

The diversity of the experiences that Vikram has really makes me wonder why I hadn’t met him earlier. For someone who operates at this level, he is super humble and down to earth not to mention that he’s always up for brewing a fresh cup for whoever meets him. :)

He was also extremely self-aware of how each of these experiences had molded him along with the gratitude that he had got an opportunity to work with those tough bosses or be in Flipkart when the e-Commerce boom was taking place.

“I roast almost every day and I absolutely love it!”

He blends in all of these experiences just like one of his great cups of Coffee and narrates it excellently making it for an exiting and gripping listen. If you’re a coffee fan, then you’re even more in luck because he goes in depth about his coffee process, what started his passion and how he wants to transform the coffee culture in India.

“Everybody has their own story and everybody has their own inspiration, it is what you do at the end that matters.”

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