Episode 14 — The Ambassador

“What that taught me was humility.”

“I have seen my parents serve the people living in and around Mysore. It has had a tremendous impact on me and how I see the world.”

A few words that immediately come to mind after talking to Nruthya were the fact that she had used the word “Humility” so many times. I realized it only later when I was playing back the podcast.

The second really evident part of the conversation was how deeply connected she was to her parents and the cause that they had believed in. She brings up her parents almost every other minute and I marvel at the bond that they share.

“My passion has been technology. Parents were always into healthcare but what got to me was the limited scale of it. They have got to thousands of people over the careers but it has always been one on one. Where I saw the ability to scale, was in technology.”

She goes on to speak about how she got into Stanford in the first place when she hears that one of her friend is taking an exam called the SAT (about which she had no clue about earlier). This is something that I deeply believe in. The fact that the quality of our lives and our thinking is the average of the people around us. By surrounding herself with people who were aiming so much higher than her, Nruthya was able to channel that energy and break barriers to be one of the youngest people in her Harvard MBA cohort.

“That’s what drives me, empowering people with technology to make various aspects of their lives better.”

There is excitement about the fact that there are so many opportunities for people to change the world around them. With the right ideas being funded, she is glad to be back in the local ecosystem of Bangalore and Mysore where if one isn’t happy about something or isn’t being treated the way they want to, the said person can go build their version of the truth.

“Go build it.”

Personally, my favorite part of the podcast was how the question around failure and self worth was answered. That snippet I will keep going back to listening to because it is so powerful!

Stanford — Harvard — What next?

The podcast for me gave a tonne of perspective into the life of a high-achiever. (Let’s be honest, in Nruthya’s case the word doesn’t do justice but let’s stick with it for now). It gave me answers to some important lessons around -

a. What to do after a world class education?

b. Happiness and what it means to different people?

c. Impact of childhood environment and upbringing on an individual?

d. A peek into the mind of someone operating at a different order of magnitude so that people like us can replicate (thought processes, beliefs and routines) to reap some of those benefits.

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