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5 Best Keyword Research Tools for YouTube (Free and Premium)

They can drastically boost your YouTube videos.

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Publishing videos regularly on YouTube is an effective way to grow your audience. But it won’t work if you aren’t focusing on the right keywords.

Keyword research is an important part of your content creation and without it, you will never reach your target audience. That’s why you should always have a bunch of keyword research tools to do the homework for YouTube videos.

You might be aware of some of these research tools like Google Keyword Planner, Semrush, or Ahrefs. But they aren’t the only ones.

Here are the 5 best keyword research tools for YouTube that’ll help you find the right keyword.

1. VidIQ

VidIQ (affiliate link) is a popular keyword research tool for YouTube used by thousands of content creators. You can search for the keywords, track your video’s performance, view your competitor’s analytics, and see what is trending on YouTube. No doubt VidIQ is my favorite tool that I use often to create quality content for my channel.

The best way to use VidIQ is to download its browser extension. It’ll give you the search volume, score, and competition score for the keyword you’ll type in the YouTube search box.

If you are looking to try this one, let me tell you, it has a free and paid version. The paid version starts at $7.50/mo which goes up to $415/mo.

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2. TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is a browser extension that lets you get more views and increase subscribers by providing you with tools that help you optimize your content in the fastest time possible. You can use it for advanced keyword research, analyzing data, promotion, and managing your video library.

Pricing starts at $2.40/mo which goes up to $21.20/mo. If you buy it for a year, you’ll get a 20% discount on your purchase.

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3. Google Keyword Planner

Google has its own keyword research tool, Keyword Planner. It is a completely free tool with no paid plans. You can simply type in the keyword and get the volume and competition numbers in your hands. You can also get country-specific results, like only for the United States or the UK.

But make sure you have a Google Ads account or you can’t use the keyword tool.

Photo by Ahrefs

4. YouTube Auto-Suggest

One free tool we always ignore while searching for keywords is YouTube itself. Its auto-suggest feature tells you what people are exactly searching for on the platform. And trust me, the keywords YouTube suggests have huge search volume.

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5. Google Trends

Last but not least, Google Trends can be your best bet if you aren’t aware of what is currently trending on the internet. Creating videos on any of the trending topics can boost your YouTube channel. If you don’t know on what topic to make a video, you can use Google Trends to search for the potential keyword.

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Like Google, YouTube is also a search engine giant for videos. People are watching billions of videos every day. So if you know what people are exactly looking for, you can create an engaging video on that topic and attract a large audience.

That’s where keyword research tools play their part. With the help of these tools, you can look for the keywords people are searching for and create videos they really want. If you haven’t tried any of these tools for YouTube, you are missing out a lot.

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