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My Medium Stats for February 2022

A little peek inside my first monthly report.

February Medium Stats (Photo from the Author’s PC)

From today onwards, I’ll keep track of my monthly stats on Medium. Here is a quick recap of my Medium stats for February 2022.

Last month was crazy for me. For the first time, I hit 1000 views on Medium and got published in Better Marketing, which I have been trying for a while.

I published a total of 18 articles last month, taking the total count to 47. Apart from Better Marketing, my articles have been published in The Side Hustle Club, Making of a Millionaire, Feedium, Illumination, History of Yesterday, and The Passive Writer (my own publication).

Now let’s take a look at my Medium stats.

My Top Performing Articles

Here is the list of my top-performing articles on Medium this February.

  1. I Made a Sale within One Week of Joining Redbubble (325 views, 156 reads, 17 fans)
  2. Why You Should Start a Faceless YouTube Channel in 2022 (217 views, 124 reads, 6 fans)
  3. How I Gained 7.2K Followers on Medium (172 views, 105 reads, 6 fans)
  4. I Used this Method to Gain Traffic to My New Blog and It Worked (151 views, 95 reads, 11 fans)
  5. I Quit Vocal Media Today (140 views, 75 reads, 17 fans)

I’m happy with my articles performing well on Medium and providing the valuable information I intend to share with people.

As of now, my best performing article of all time on Medium is 5 SEO Hacks that Helped me Gain 2M+ Impressions on Google with 592 views, 294 reads, and 33 fans.

Monthly Medium Stats

Screenshot from the Author

As you can see from the image above, I received a total of 2,768 views, 1,353 reads, and 140 fans on Medium.

This happened only because I took Medium seriously this year and decided to build an audience on this platform.

Monthly Followers Growth

Screenshot from the Author

I’m grateful to the people who are supporting me in this journey. Because of your support, my total followers' count rose to 88, out of which 74 came in February alone.

I hope to cross the magic 100 number this month. And if you guys support me, I may reach that number soon.

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