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My Medium Stats for March 2022

A little peek inside my second monthly report.

March Medium Stats (Photo from the Author’s PC)

Welcome to my second monthly report on Medium stats. Here, I’ll show you a quick recap of my Medium stats for March 2022.

Last month was far better than what I expected. I hit some crazy milestones and crossed 10,000 views on Medium.

I published a total of 15 articles last month, three less than what I published in February. I have now 62 articles (excluding this one) published under my name on Medium. My stories have been published in Better Marketing, The Side Hustle Club, The Brave Writer, Illumination, and The Passive Writer.

Here’s a quick look at my Medium stats for March 2022.

My Top Performing Articles

Here are my top 5 articles that performed best this month.

  1. Here’s How You Can Earn $50/hr from this Side-Hustle (4.6K views, 1.7K reads, 128 claps)
  2. Please Stop Writing Articles for $5 — It’s Not Worth It (329 views, 164 reads, 522 claps)
  3. I Finally Launched My Gumroad Store (314 views, 202 reads, 450 claps)
  4. My New YouTube Channel Received 1.2K Impressions and 10.3% CTR (within 7 Days) (151 views, 79 reads, 43 claps)
  5. I Grew My Blog to 169,595 Visitors and Shut it Down (116 views, 60 reads, 327 claps)

The views on my first article on this list are the best I have ever received. But one thing to point out here is that 82% of views are external.

Monthly Medium Stats

Screenshot from the Author

As you can see, I got 13,305 views, 6,680 reads, and 382 fans in March. That’s 6x the amount of views I got in February.

Notice the three towers at the end; this is when I got over 1K views consecutively because of my top article. Looks like the tower has been destroyed!

Monthly Followers Growth

Screenshot from the Author

I would like to thank all the people who are supporting me in my journey. Last month, I got 217 followers, taking the total count to 305 (Medium stats aren’t updated yet).

This was crazy because, in February, my total followers were 88. That means, I crossed the 100, 200, and 300 follower mark in March alone.

This report hits me well. I will be focusing on writing helpful content that’ll help people solve their problems.

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