Valentine’s Day Thoughts

With tips for my single readers

Every time you drive, go to the mall, or go to the grocery store this week, you might see something to remind you that it’s valentine’s day.

You might be more aware of your single status. It’s entirely up to you if you want to enjoy or feel sorry about yourself during this season.

As someone who has been navigating the single season for six years long, without any interruptions, I believe I can share some things with you.

Here are some tips for you if you are single during this Valentine’s day week:

  • Take time to journal what you are learning daily (It tends to be harder to stop and journal when you are in a relationship and/or have small kids)
  • Spend time with married people who have kids, they can teach you more than you can imagine
  • Get over your ex, or any person whom you tried to date and it didn’t work out (get counseling if needed)
  • Ask yourself, is there anyone I can love or encourage today?
  • Write a letter to your future spouse, if you want to
  • Go deeper in your conversations with friends and/or family
  • Practice something you are good at

That’s it, I just wanted to keep things simple.

In case if you want to know what I’m up to. I created an online course for singles at the coaching app: COACH.ME

=== Here are the benefits of this plan ===

*To better prepare yourself for your next date, future life partner or future spouse

*Become aware of your values

*Break co-dependency patterns, by focusing on your dreams and goals

*How to steward finances

*How to love yourself and others well

*17 days of strategies to help enjoy a single season

*4 bonus of resources (Forgiveness tips, Anger Management, Relationship Tips, and Holiday tips)

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Remember, who you are becoming tomorrow, is determined by the choices you make today.

Disclaimer: My online course is not going to guarantee that you will be dating or finding your life partner, but it guarantees that you will learn different ways to love being single.

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Liliana Fung

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