Pavlok — Hardware Fixes, Software Fixes, and More….

Today, I was walking to work (I walk 4 miles to/from work each day) and I passed by my meditation bench. Something was awry.

My bench was covered in leaves! It almost made me skip my morning meditation altogether. (For the record, I did it anyway)

It’s funny how small tiny problems can destroy a good habit in an instant.

And this is an even bigger problem for good products. A small tiny blemish can make a beautiful product ugly. A small problem with pairing can make a potentially disruptive product into something you throw in the junk drawer.

So, at the beginning of the quarter, our team took a big step back and decided to hyper focus on quality. Over the last month and a half, the entire team has been deeply focused on solving the issues of our current device, app, and more, so we can get our product back to helping people, and away from dealing with confusion and issues.

To continue from yesterday’s email, here’s what we’ve been working on, our new fixes, and what’s coming up.

1) The iOS and Android app: Our app hasn’t been the most intuitive. It’s a bit confusing, rough around the edges, and sometimes loses connectivity. We tried to solve this problem in a variety of ways, but the fixes often caused more problems than they solved. Nothing prepared us, however, for iOS 10’s update, which caused massive problems and units that would become nonresponsive. iOS has fortunately fixed this in the iOS 10.1.1 update, but regardless of fault, if you buy my product and it doesn’t work, it’s my fault. (Got iOS 10 and a Pavlok? Make sure you read this article)

How we are trying to fix this:

First of all, I spent time finding an excellent person to lead our UX/UI (user experience / user interface) team. Meet Norman Wozniak (no relation to the Apple co-founder…I think), our new UX/UI lead. He’s been helping us revamp our app designs.

Our app has gone over several overhauls in the last few months, but we are circling around the final design at the moment. Many of the changes have been implemented, and we will be improving the design/style/functionality throughout the next couple months.

We’ve been focusing on Sleep and Habit as our two major categories. You can see our current screens below. If you are current Pavlok user, notice that you can click on the arrowed-button to chat instantly with the Pavlok team.

We’ve released new apps and firmware to the App Store and Play store. If you currently have a Pavlok, make sure you’re updated. Current firmware is 2.4.95.

Here is a change list of the recent updates.

  • Pairing fixes (It’s a big problem and we will keep improving it!)
  • Improved remote settings
  • Now see your notes throughout the day by tapping on notes
  • Advanced on-boarding
  • Easier sleep tracking
  • In-app troubleshooting
  • Live chat with Habit and Pavlok experts
  • Overview of habit and history in Me section
  • Change your habit in Me section
  • Improved bug detection
  • Edit timers added
  • Ability to delete logs
  • Edit timers added
  • Faster re-pairing after OTA

Got iOS10? We published a blog post on how to get your unit back on track, including a video with yours truly.

Customer Support

I’m actually really proud of how our customer support has grown. We tend to respond to problems within an hour, and we are good at diagnosing and solving issues. We have been putting some policies in place to support our users.

The Hardware / Firmware

This is a really tough nut to crack. When we started building Pavlok, we used a module known as BlueGiga to help us rapidly build out the hardware / code. BlueGiga uses a proprietary language known as BGScript. It made it faster to get us up and running when I initially started working on Pavlok.

As we’ve been improving the product, we’ve begun to reach the limits of the chip. This led to some issues regarding pairing and connectivity.

How we are trying to fix this:

We completely rewrote our firmware from scratch for better connectivity, pairing, and execution. In order to add in all of the features we want to add, we’ve begun reworking the actual hardware architecture for a future version of hardware, using an improved (Nordic nrf52382) chip. This is going to be a massive undertaking, and we probably won’t have the new hardware ready until middle of next year. You’ll hear more about this in the next few days, as we’ll be announcing it publicly in the next email.

Solving the Habits People Care About Most

When we first started Pavlok, it wasn’t focused on bad habits. It was focused on helping people become productive, wake up earlier, and get fit. That is, forming new habits.

As we’ve listened to our users, we find that this is still true. Our most popular use is to wake up early and get more productive.

So I’m very excited to announce what we’ve been working on. It’s the culmination of learning about 30,000+ Pavlok users, their goals, and what we are good at.

I’ll be announcing what that is on Thursday. So, make sure you check your email on Thurs to hear about what we’ve been working on.

Or, if you want to get early access to it, you can click here and sign up.

Thanks a lot for listening. As I mentioned, you can expect to receive a big announcement email from us on Thursday.

Talk to you soon :)

Maneesh Sethi 
Founder/CEO of Pavlok

P.S. You can order Pavlok for $149 (with free shipping) by clicking here. New orders ship out next week.