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The Payla Post is not a publication arm of Medium, and it is not a media company either. Founded in 2020 by Joshua Romero with a mission to answer the most critical questions about life and existence.

Just to be clear, I am not an existentialist, I agree with the idea of freedom and choice but existentialism, on the other hand, is philosophical literature that emphasizes that human should define our own meaning of life, and try to make rational decisions despite living in an irrational universe — disregarding our purpose and core existence, it also holds the belief of no God or any transcendence force.

However, this publication focuses on the idea of life where thinkers and wanna-be philosophers share their views about personal development, life hacks, career ambition, personal values, and all that it gives.

Why The PAYLA Post?

I was reminded by my grandfather, who’s of Spanish origin who immigrated to the Philippines at the height of Spanish colonization in the Pacific in, the 1700s, he always tells me that his father, my great-grandfather’s last name stands for:

P is for pride, strong and alive!

A is for altruism, the unselfish care for others.

Y is for yippee, and the things that inspire you to yell it.

L is for love, everlasting.

A is for authentic, be the real you.

And I want to use these acronyms to represent this publication but this is not about me or my family either. Instead, I want to tell you to have pride in your work and what you achieved in life, no matter how small or huge you have accomplished —no matter how remarkable or not, slow or fast your pace is. Fulfillment is what you long for, and let me introduce you to, altruism — Do something for the benefit of humanity, even if nobody is watching, because the feeling of being able to help others is an accomplishment of a lifetime. Yippee! yes, yell and rejoice. Celebrate your past mistakes, your downfalls, all the setbacks of the past, and because without it, there will be no strong you right now.

Now more than ever, you are ready and capable to love what fate has set before you, or what the future holds for you. And lastly, be authentic. Be the real you. Show others the real you — without fear and without boundaries. The stage is set, cameras are rolling, audiences are waiting, the world is listening and is ready to scrutinize you…

…but at the end of the day, what matters most is your story and you.

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