Don’t throw away your defunct UPS yet

They come in handy to recharge your smartphone and laptop during a Power Outage


In these parts of the world we do have power outages. Almost the entire country of Pakistan went without power in January 21 this year. In India though the situation is much better we still need UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supplies) to supply backup power to our computers (desktops and servers). I have had much success with APC and V-Guard but Zebronics was a disappointment and of late Microtek too. But wait! If you have an outdated or UPS lying in your home or if you have one you are considering to dispose, it could come handy during these times when there is an outage. The UPS is fully capable of recharging your mobile phone to full capacity and it can be used for recharging your laptop too. I should warn you that when I tried to connect the laptop to the UPS and then connected my Smartphone to the Laptop via USB for charging there was a small current leaking from the smartphone that could deliver a small static electricity shock everytime I came in contact with it. Probably directly charging the smartphone from the UPS could have prevented this. So be warned! The good news is that I could charge my phone battery to 100% its capacity and charge my laptop battery to a decent level too.

So next time you decide to dump your UPS, think again.



An unguarded poorly maintained Windows PC or Laptop is just a disaster waiting to happen. You can however prevent such situations with good practices and recovery tools in case these disasters do happen.

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Subash Sarath Lakshmi

Software Programmer turned Technical Writer, Writer, Blogger, Trainer, spiritual seeker tyring to better my life and the lives of others via my writings.