How to find out if you have a stuck key on your keyboard

A beeping PC or laptop while booting? Here’s a simple online tool to help you detect your stuck key.

Photo by Nhu Nguyen on Unsplash

A constantly beeping PC or laptop when switched on is a sign of several things going or gone wrong and one of them being a stuck key on the keyboard and here’s one simple way of finding out which of that key is stuck.

Let me remind you that when your PC or Laptop is booting up and eventually when the login screen is up you’ll notice that the password field is already filled and this is because the stuck key has inputs its value into the field repeatedly, that is if the computer displays the screen.

Anyway all you need if the computer boots up is to visit the site Keyboard Tester, the link to which is below this post. Once there click the “Launch the tester” button. A pop-up opens and if it is indeed a stuck key your key is immediately shown in the results box where the cursor is currently blinking (the one beside the Reset button). In fact you’ll notice the key (in my case the key for 3) being constantly pressed and after a while after I pressed that key a couple of times it stopped which means it could fail again. You can then repair the key, disable it or reassign some other key its value (you’ll need another software for this). You can then test all the keys on your keyboard and the results are displayed with the key pressed turning green (for key is good) on the display in the pop-up window.




An unguarded poorly maintained Windows PC or Laptop is just a disaster waiting to happen. You can however prevent such situations with good practices and recovery tools in case these disasters do happen.

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