USB Ports on Lenovo laptop running Windows 11 not working, solved!

This trick worked for me

My new laptop, a Lenovo Ideapad PCOTC9GA (purchased in January this year) that runs Windows 11 and uses a 11'th Gen Intel i3 processor suddenly seemed to have disabled its USB ports. There are two of them and they will just not work this morning. Till last night all seemed fine.

I was almost in a panic because I just cannot use both the keyboard or the mousepad of the laptop. The keys seem too small and crammed up, the mousepad is a pain in my palm and wrist. I use a mechanical keyboard and wired mouse instead and both use the only two USB ports that came with the laptop. So I go through the usual, watching YouTube videos to fix the thing but it just won’t budge.

Then the Lenovo Vantage icon on my desktop seems alluring. In the past I have even wondered why Lenovo put this intrusive app on my desktop that keeps popping messages now and then. I am glad I didn’t remove it. I click on it and the first thing that pops up is a button on the dashboard asking me to check for updates. One click and it detects that a BIOS update is due. I didn’t want to waste moment’s time. BIOS updates have fixed a ton of hardware issues for me in the past. I click on the BIOS update which is a breeze (just follow the instructions scrupulously) and after some anxious moments (yes, I did pray) my laptop’s USB ports seems fine.

Logo of the Lenovo Vantage app on the Windows 11 desktop
The Dashboard of the Lenovo Vantage app

So my advice, do not remove this app on your Lenovo laptop. It tells you other things about the warranty of your Laptop, RAM and Processor usage besides a host of other things. You can even use it to contact Lenovo for support by raising a ticket, etc.,



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