With My Fears in My Back Pocket, We’ve Begun to Climb That Mountain

Although we have a long way to go, it’s invigorating to think about how far we have already come. To think that we entered the new year not knowing each other on the level we know now, not having spent time at High Park crunching around in the snow, not having spoken to amazing and helpful staff at MEC like Emma Switzer, not having known that we would actually do this. That we would gear and get up to film Episode 1 of The Peakbaggers with all we’ve got. Well, we haven’t done it yet but boy are we close… and, well, Matt knew that he would do this, and so did Brian. But I’m that lollygagger whose fears play tug-o-war with her heart, making up excuses why I can’t go winter camping because… I’m the producer.

How do you go from an idea to a entity? From a thought about being on top of a mountain… to actually getting there? I can give you some insight on how we’re going to do it, because that’s all that I can answer with. First, someone thought of the idea. Then, they shared it. Threads of adventure and curiosity spread throughout a small group of people and we collaborated. We climbed walls for fun. We visited a beautiful park in the middle of a city. We reached out to our community and they shook our hands with confidence and love. We took one step, and then the next. It seems so simple when I write it, yet I’m filled with so many fears that push me to keep stepping, because I know I won’t fall if I move forward. Mount Logan is a huge step, and we’ll get there because we’re taking all the little steps in between. I’m really happy to go on this journey, and I really hope you’ll join us.

Matt and Brian are so inspiring; it’s important to surround yourself with people who can uplift and drive your ideas forward. Get outside, and share your ideas. No matter how scary that may seem, it’s the first step to climbing that mountain you’ve been staring at all these years.

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Originally published at thepeakbaggers.com on March 12, 2015.