The Best CEOs lead the Best Companies. And the Best of Breed Companies Outperform. The Pearly Pig shows you how to profit.

Each year Barron’s, the weekly financial rag put out by Dow Jones Corporation, rates and shares their favorite 30 CEOs from around the world.

Barron’s highlights in this year’s article how CEOs really had a challenge on their hands over the past year with both BREXIT and the election of Donald Trump. True.

Granted, the past twelve months in CEO-land has been pretty buttery. Nothing like the 2008–2009 financial crisis or the 2001 dot com bubble. The markets have been in bullish territory (this is good) and CEOs have had the luxury to do some fun financial engineering — including leverage strategies, debt reduction and inventory management.

“The 30 leaders whom Barron’s identified this year as the world’s best CEOs have demonstrated an ability to outperform during a slow patch for commerce. The past year was a good time to be nimble and an even better time to reap rewards from sound plans set in motion years ago — as they did.” Barron’s, March 27, 2017

There is no rigid formula to make this list, as Barron’s admits in their cover story. In fact, Barron’s simply comes and states it, “selection is based on the judgement of Barron’s editors and writers.”

But what can be counted as gold is that the list of companies these CEOs lead outperformed the S&P500 over the past twelve months. And you can take it to the bank, I believe that this portfolio should likely be a part of the foundation of each investor’s portfolio over the long term.

This year, eight new names made this list. Turnover is fairly common, if you do the math you can see that over 1/4 of CEOs were dropped this year.

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Before we get to the list, here’s the tools you’ll need to take advantage of easily investing in this group of stocks.

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Companies with Best of Breed CEOs in the Pearly Pig Portfolio

General Motors. Mary Barra. CEO since 2014. Jeffrey Bezos. CEO since 1994.

Anheuser-Busch InBev. Carlos Brito. CEO since 2005.

Berkshire Hathaway. Warren Buffett. CEO since 1965.

Honeywell International. David Cote. CEO since 2002.

Applied Materials. Gary Dickerson. CEO since 2013.

JPMorgan Chase. Jamie Dimon. CEO since 2006.

BlackRock. Laurence Fink. CEO since 1988.

Netflix. Reed Hastings. CEO since 1997.

UnitedHealth Group. Stephen Hemsley. CEO since 2006.

Nvidia. Jensen Huang. CEO since 1993.

Walt Disney. Robert Iger. CEO since 2005.

Microsoft. Satya Nadella. CEO since 2014.

Adobe Systems. Shantanu Narayen. CEO since 2007.

General Dynamics. Phebe Novakovic. CEO since 2013.

Alphabet. Larry Page. CEO since 2011.

HDFC Bank. Aditya Puri. Managing Director since 1994.

Comcast. Brian Roberts. CEO since 2002.

Starbucks. Howard Schultz. CEO since 1985.

FedEx. Fred Smith. CEO since 1971.

Intercontinental Exchange. Jeffrey Sprecher. CEO since 2000.

Abbott Laboratories. Miles White. CEO since 1999.

Dr Pepper Snapple Group. Larry Young. CEO since 2007.

Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg. CEO since 2004.

Companies with Best of Breed CEOs that didn’t make the Pearly Pig Portfolio

LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton. Bernard Arnault. CEO since 1989. (France)

CK Hutchison Holdings. Li Ka-shing. CEO since 1979. (Hong Kong)

Tencent Holdings. Ma Huateng. CEO since 1997. (Hong Kong)

Ryanair Holdings. Michael O’Leary. CEO since 1994. (Ireland)

WPP. Martin Sorrell. CEO since 1986. (United Kingdom)

PSA Groupe. Carlos Tavares. CEO since 2014. (France)