Designing a happier office culture

Working trends

As work becomes more mobile and companies implement shared desking strategies, we desire a workspace to call our own, even if just for a short period of time. Also, we are increasingly becoming more mobile and distributed, leaving the office for a coffee shop or other third place to have workshops or meetings. So why not transform the third place into an on-site destination?

The B&P Co — space

Taking all of this in mind, we decided to transform our traditional kitchen on the first floor into a space for co-nnection, co-llaboration, and co-creation. We call it the B&P Co — space, a dynamic area that connects you with your colleagues, your work, and your organization. A place where you can eat, chat, relax, and work at the same time. It’s designed based on the workcafé system by Steelcase that promotes collaboration, both planned and spontaneous. Unlike a typical corporate cafeteria, B&P Co — space provides a combination of working and dining that activates employee productivity and wellbeing.

We’ll take these 3 weeks of chaos and construction to have an all in one space for social rituals, meals, coffee and tea breaks. A place to connect us to our brand and our culture, a place for freedom at work.

Work in progress :)