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The 6 Essentials for Good Crypto UX

7000 DAI in Hacker Prizes Available for the Pepo #ETHDenver 2020 UX Awards!

UX Awards Awards Any Hacking Team Can Win

We have 7000 DAI in prizes available for projects demonstrating great UX.

  • Two runner-ups will each receive 2000 DAI

Good UX is about solving real problems

Good UX is not just about graphic design or user interface. A high-quality user experience requires a seamless merging of engineering, product, and design. It’s about the totality of the solution: its story, its architecture, its implementation. Most importantly, good UX solves a real problem. The user’s need is central — good UX starts with understanding a need and delivering a better solution.

1. Use Case

No app can succeed without a real use case. This has often been a problem for the crypto space, which has been a launchpad for too many solutions in search of problems. But simply identifying a problem isn’t enough. A good UX must effectively solve the problem.

  • But, there’s a problem that stops them from fully achieving it.
  • So, we build a product to solve their problem. Here’s how it does that.
  • Are there real people poised to adopt the solution?

2. Focus on Users

The mantra for good UX is users, users, users! Without an earnest commitment to the needs and habits of their target audience, new apps are bound to fail. Devs need to ask themselves:

  • What obstacles are there to getting users on the platform, and how can those be mitigated?
  • What will make people want to keep using the app?
  • Is the product more convenient than existing alternatives or competitors?

3. Relevance

The next key to good UX is relevance: does the project represent a significant improvement over the status quo?

4. Empowerment & Adoption

This may seem like a broad concept, but it’s particularly key in the crypto space, where projects have sometimes struggled to grow beyond existing blockchain audiences. Good UX facilitates further adoption and usage of blockchain technology, strengthening inclusion and participation. It opens up new potential avenues for further exploration and development, and enables access to new fields and applications of knowledge.

5. Innovation

It sounds obvious, but great UX should be innovative. It should achieve things other solutions have not, and empower users in new ways. This innovation can take many forms. At one end of the spectrum, a great product can bring a whole new experience to people — think of the Internet or the iPhone. But UX can also succeed by approaching long-standing processes from new angles. A good UX can take something that requires 10 steps and cut it to two, while making the steps themselves easier and more intuitive. Above all, innovation must solve a real problem, using novel technologies to add value for its target audience.

6. Responsibility

This is the wild card. Sure, there are plenty of successful apps with lots of users and impressive revenues that don’t necessarily contribute much to society. But we want to do better. The crypto community is united by a commitment toleave the world a better place than we found it through this technology. So when we evaluate crypto UX, we are looking for this element of responsibility.

We’re putting UX to the test at ETHDenver

At ETHDenver, devs will have the chance to show us just how seamless a crypto UX can be. The contest is technology agnostic, so you can build anything you want. Simplicity, elegance, convenience — these are the things we’re looking for, as part of products that make life easier in some way and are intuitive and a joy to use.

  1. Download Pepo (if you haven’t yet!) and record a team video with the hashtags #ETHDenver and #UXawards on the video description. The video should link to the project (code, devfolio, GitHub).
  2. Then on Sunday, find the Pepo team and walk us through your project and why you think it deserves to win a UX Award!



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