Watch Pepo’s San Francisco Blockchain Week Presentation: Designing Crypto User Experiences For Humans

Nov 12, 2019 · 2 min read

Our CEO Jason Goldberg revealed at SFBW how Pepo built a crypto user experience for humans by talking to thousands of people over the last couple of years. Our research to find out the most interesting problems people wanted solving led to the learning that crypto’s killer app is our community.

“As humans, we crave more and more authenticity, more human interaction. Real connection and better ways to share, collaborate and show appreciation to each other” — Jason Goldberg, founder of Pepo

Pepo is a crypto app for the crypto community — a collection of makers, in the crypto movement, sharing 30-second video updates about what they’re working on.

Pepo, which users have described as a cross between TikTok and LinkedIn, is the first crypto-powered app approved by Apple with in-app purchases and cash-out options. As Jason said, Pepo is the “first dapp that feels like an app.”

Jason, who has been building user experiences for creators and communities for decades, showcased videos people have made on Pepo to announce events, invite collaboration and explain what they are working. He also gave a demo of how people share tokens of appreciation on videos they like or send any amount peer-to-peer via user profiles. Jason then drew the biggest applause with the news that Pepo has already seen tens of thousands of “peer-to-peer decentralized transactions through a new app in the app store on a blockchain” in just a few weeks since starting at Devcon 5.

Jason also highlighted how the technology powered by OST is open-sourced. Anyone can create their own Pepo, with micro-transactions at scale, in any app live today. “Grab the code play with it, contact our team if you want to build something great.”

Above all, he invited feedback so that we can continue to learn what the crypto movement wants from Pepo and work to make the experience ever more beautiful.

“Every single day we are proving that tokens have utility and that there are good use cases possible and that we can actually create apps that are made better through their token use — not a detrimental experience but a better experience because of the crypto involved.”

You can download the Pepo app in Apple’s app store or on Google Play. You’ll need a Twitter account to login for now, and then it’s easy to get started!

🦄 see you on Pepo!

The Pepo App

Pepo is where the crypto community comes together with…

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