Hiking the Via Romea Germanica

The Peripatetic Historian walks 650 miles to Rome following an ancient pilgrimage route

The apostle waits to greet pilgrims in Rome. All photos by the author.

It was a long walk.

In the summer of 2019, my wife, Mary, and I hiked 650 miles along the Via Romea Germanica. We started in the alpine town of Brennero, right on the Austrian/Italian border, and proceeded south, down the spine of Italy, to…




Join author, historian, and photographer Richard J. Goodrich as he travels our amazing world. A place is shaped by its history, and the Peripatetic Historian explores it one step at a time.

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Richard J. Goodrich - The Peripatetic Historian

Richard J. Goodrich - The Peripatetic Historian

The Peripatetic Historian: former history professor now travelling the world and writing about its history. Newsletter: http://rjgoodrich.substack.com.

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