Via Romea Germanica XV: Borgo Valsugana to Primolano

Slumming in the Bici Bars

The mountains continue. All photos by author.

Today we continue our stroll down Valsugana (the Sugana Valley) to Primolano. This will be a longer stage (25 KM), but somewhat shorter than the guidebook stage which carries on to Cismon del Grappa (32 KM).

Remarkably, when we step outside in Borgo Valsugana, the sun is beaming down. Yesterday had some sun, but there were…




Join author, historian, and photographer Richard J. Goodrich as he travels our amazing world. A place is shaped by its history, and the Peripatetic Historian explores it one step at a time.

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Richard J. Goodrich - The Peripatetic Historian

Richard J. Goodrich - The Peripatetic Historian

The Peripatetic Historian: former history professor now travelling the world and writing about its history. Newsletter:

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