Via Romea Germanica XVI: Primolano, Italy to Cismon del Grappa

Mad bicyclists on a narrow path through the mountains

The mountains continue. All photos by author.

We spent the night at a friendly, albeit quirky, hotel in Primolano. The town offered few diversions. We walked across the road before dinner and took a tour of the train station. It was a small, but cheerful station. It had a platform and a machine to validate one’s…




Join author, historian, and photographer Richard J. Goodrich as he travels our amazing world. A place is shaped by its history, and the Peripatetic Historian explores it one step at a time.

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Richard J. Goodrich - The Peripatetic Historian

Richard J. Goodrich - The Peripatetic Historian

The Peripatetic Historian: former history professor now travelling the world and writing about its history. Newsletter:

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