Via Romea Germanica XVII: Cismon del Grappa to Bassano del Grappa

In which we become amateur archaeologists and explore ancient medieval fortifications.

The medieval fortifications of Il Covolo di Blutistone. All photographs by author.

It was a quiet evening in Cismon del Grappa. After our afternoon hike, we expected that our day’s adventures were at a close, and the only thing that lay before us was a restorative night of sleep.





Join author, historian, and photographer Richard J. Goodrich as he travels our amazing world. A place is shaped by its history, and the Peripatetic Historian explores it one step at a time.

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Richard J. Goodrich - The Peripatetic Historian

Richard J. Goodrich - The Peripatetic Historian

The Peripatetic Historian: former history professor now travelling the world and writing about its history. Newsletter:

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