How political debates sounds in IT company

How Modi vs anti Modi debate sounds in IT world

Lead : As per your estimate while joining last month , only 19 days are left to finish code
Developer : Arre , the last developer spoiled the whole system , give me more time , i ll take 4 years to fullfill the code.

7000 CRORE RS to Make 100 cities …70 Crore per city

HR :we will hire 30 developers to finish all the modules.

Lead : You know right , the budget of only 7 lakh has been approved and average tester cost 8 lakhs per annum and coder 9 lakh .

Hindu Hindu Hindu

Delivery manager : Before taking charge you said we will take everybody developer,tester,admin,BA together in this project.

Manager : Yes i am working towards sabka sath sabka vikaas concept..the motto of the company.

Delivery manager : Then why is your junior coder feeding admin with front end codes ? Why in call , your team lead said that all IT workers are primarily coders , we are coder company from 2000 years ??

Education minister’s Yale education

Manager : I thought you went to IIT , your CV also says that then why you are not able to understand the basic OOPS concept.

Junior Developer : No sir, i used to eat panipuri in front of it , my cv has been misconstrued.

Manmohan Singh

Manager : Why are there pending deliverables ?

Lead : At least i am better than last lead who used to be quiet on call. I dont play politics by giving testers more importance than coders. These testers were dividing our company. They belong to only client side , they will run from company if client calls them , i bet.

CAG report of 13,700 crore debt of Gujurat

Delivery manager : Our budget for this year was 2 lakh , you have already spent 12 lakhs ,why ?

Manager : This is testing manager’s evil scheme. See look at new coffee machine near developer station . See how good these color printers work.One sec sir…i ll take your photo color printout , you will be impressed sir!!!

Delivery manager : Aaaaataaa majhi satakli !!!!!!!!!

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