I’m Running Out of Experiences

A writer needs to taste life to be able to stay creative

Photo by Sahand Babali on Unsplash

I feel a bit stale. In fact, a whole box of Ritz Crackers sitting in the back of the pantry for two years may have more freshness than I do.

When I started publishing frequently in 2018, I had plenty of material. I had 35 years of pain and mental illness to write about and I wasn’t shy about…



We want your personal stories. Essays that enlighten, amuse, inspire, captivate. The human experience is complex, but rife with identity, commonality. Share your words with us so that we may embrace the world we live in and fully cherish our eclectic humanity.

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Jason Weiland

AI, Tech, and personal essays from a guy who never tires of writing about his life - jasonweiland.substack.com