Got a business idea?

Wait first!

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There are two ideologies regarding you ideas I have been seeing while studying businesses.

One of them is that "ideas rule the world" and that ideas are the most important thing you need

The second is that ideas are useless in themselves since it is what you do that determines success, so just focus on doing.

If you look at it, both ideologies are correct but how can we apply it to our lives and business?

I recently got an idea that I've been implementing for over 2 weeks now and I'm learning the right way to relate with ideas.

First, believe both. Ideas truly rule the world. Every successful business was once an idea in someone's mind.

Although I have several skills, they haven't translated into a million dollar business for me because I don't have any idea on what to do.

How successful a business becomes begins from the idea. *A dead idea is a dead business. No idea is no business*

But a living idea can still turn into a dead business. This is where the second school of thought comes to play.

The goal of seeking for ideas is to get something to execute. Emphasis on execute.

I have been staying awake through the night for these two weeks+ and it's amazing how the beautiful idea is helpless in itself.

If you don't employ strategic and continuous execution to bring it to life, your idea cannot rule any world.

Should I treat ideas as gold? Yes, that's where everything starts. Ideas rule the world.

Should I treat ideas as _the_ gold? No, an idea is only where it starts not where it stops.

Ideas are useless if they can't be translated into something tangible.

Don't joke with ideas, don't joke with ruthless execution.

Why are we even joking in the first place, are we comedians?😂😂

-Olusegun Iyejare❤️



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Olusegun Iyejare

Olusegun Iyejare

Olusegun Iyejare is a career coach and certified counsellor who is passionate about helping career people balance mental well-being and career success.