5 Things You Can Control No Matter How Busy You Are

It may not have been pretty but you survived this week and next week you’ll be even busier. What can you do this weekend to make even an 80 work week easy? Plan. Success starts on Sunday. Here’s what to do:

  1. Look at your calendar for the entire week. Seems simple enough, right? Most people are still reviewing their calendar day by day. That will not help you plan, find the overlapping events, and pace yourself throughout the week. Staying out late, work related or not, will not help in your 7am coffee meeting tomorrow.
  2. Pack. Whether it’s packing a lunch, a gym bag or your carry-on luggage do it now. There is something very stressful about packing at the last minute and it’s inevitable you’ll forget something. Forgetting a spoon in your lunch might not be the end of the world, but try eating yogurt with your fingers. Forgetting to pack your running shoes is a deal breaker.
  3. Pick out your clothes for the week. If you’re looking your best you will act your best. Stop the last minute running to the dry cleaners. Or worse, putting on a shirt or dress to notice it needs to go to the cleaners. This will also help you determine what days you need to wear your best dress, that crisp white shirt, your favorite blue suit or sweater. If you leave the house and know that you won’t be back for 20 hours make sure what you’re wearing that day is not only comfortable, but stays looking good throughout the day and don’t even think for a second you’re going to make it uncomfortable shoes. This is not the time for linen, rayon and the shoes you’re still trying to convince yourself will be comfortable once you break them in.
  4. Know what you’ll be eating. You won’t make good decisions, be in a good mood or stay fueled when you haven’t eaten all day. Keep snacks in your desk, purse or bag. Prep your food, start the crockpot, or pre-order dinner on the way home. This will save you a ton of time and headache. If you’ll be eating out a lot this week look over the restaurant menus and decide now what to order if possible. Not every dining experience is good. You might not have a choice where you eat or even like the restaurant. Give yourself time to eat a little something before arriving. Don’t get cranky or embarrass yourself by having your stomach growling.
  5. Know how you’ll unwind. Busy weeks mean that it can be very hard to fall asleep. You have so many things running through your mind. Even better, maybe you closed on a big deal or contract. That adrenaline will eventually wear off. If you have 5 hours of sleep and spend 2 of them tossing and turning you’ve got a problem. Make plans to call a friend and brain dump. Write in your journal or drink a glass of warm milk.

Planning is a key principle in being productive. Think of yourself as an athlete and have a game plan. The hardest part of a busy week is all the things you can’t control. You can control these 5 things. If you still can’t make these things happen it’s time to get help.

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