How To Hire A Virtual Assistant Who Loves To Work

Recently I received an email that was a request for me to find an association a Virtual Assistant. The duties had clearly been thought through by a team of individuals and the tasks had all been laid out. They were careful to leave no question unanswered and nothing had been left to chance. However, I had questions of my own that did not relate to duties and wanted to speak to the gentleman directly.

Before he would take my call he stated I would need to answer my own set of questions. I politely and respectfully declined telling him I didn’t believe he was a good candidate for a VA. Instead I offered free consulting which would save him some time and money when looking to fill the position.

Have you tried hiring a VA before and it didn’t work out? My guess is the skills were there, but it wasn’t a good personality and culture fit. Remember, very few VA positions these days are skill based — that’s a very old model. So, how do you find a good fit? Hire someone who loves what they do and believes in what you’re doing.

Here is an example of how to write a description for a VA bookkeeper. I’m using bookkeeping as an example because I despise it, would never think of doing my own, and I’m always amazed numbers actually excite people.

MUST LOVE NUMBERS — Looking for a VA Bookkeeper

Do you love numbers and get excited about spreadsheets? Do you enjoy teaching others how to read balance sheets and profit and loss statements? If so, I’m looking for you!

My business is VA Staffing & Consulting. I love helping my clients find the VA who will create more time so they can make more money. It’s important for my clients to get the administrative support they need to achieve their goals. Spending time with them and prospective VA’s is the best use of my time, not bookkeeping.

I want to make money and stay within my budget. I want to understand where my money is being spent, but just hand over the receipts for someone to itemize. I’m working in Quickbooks currently and am not open to changing platforms. It’s important for me to know how to use Quickbooks as well. This is where your enjoyment for teaching will come in handy.

As a business owner I must know how to run a report, send an invoice or itemize an expense. I’d be looking to you to show me how. Ultimately you’ll be playing a part in the level of service I’m able to provide and you’d be making a vital impact on my own business which is rapidly growing.

If this is you, please respond via email and tell me about yourself.

One problem was the gentleman was looking for someone to simply do work and not work at something they love for a cause they believe in. VAs love what they do and that’s why they do it. You’ve heard the expression, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. It is the same for work. This committee wrote a job description and had it all mapped out based on the assumption that the person they hire will dislike the work as much as they do. There was no mention of how exciting the work is, who they will be helping, why the work is important and the need for a person with the purpose they have. Remember these tips and hire a VA who loves what they do!

Because you can’t do it all yourself….Melissa Smith, The PVA is the bestselling author of Hire the Right Virtual Assistant and host of theAdmin to VA Summit. To learn more about working with a Virtual Assistant contact Melissa here.