How To Use A Virtual Assistant For A New Business

When you think about going out on your own and starting a business there is a lot to consider. How much money will you be sacrificing when you leave your job? Will you bring in as much as you are earning now within the first two years or sooner? You’ve probably already calculated the expenses, both business and personal, to keep afloat. Rarely does virtual assistance make the list of line items as a necessity. You simply may not have the cash flow. This is why hiring a VA before you leave your current job is so beneficial.

Hiring a virtual assistant beforehand will prepare you to hit the ground running on day one instead of being faced with a list of things to do. Use the steady income you’re earning now to pay for a few services that will make a huge impact.

Furthermore, when you begin generating revenue and need assistance you’ll already have a VA who knows your business and can quickly jump in and provide the support you need. Trust me, by the time you want to hire a virtual assistant and you have more work than you can handle, it seems much more daunting to hire a VA.

Here are 5 ways to use a VA while you’re still employed to start a lean business:

  1. Creating a website. — Even if your current employer doesn’t know that you’re leaving, you can still get your website ready without publishing it. This will save you tons of time and headache. Hiring a VA to take the pressure of time and quality of your plate will free you up to start making business connections and attending functions where you can get in front of your future clients.
  2. Writing and editing content. — Whether you stay in the same field or are switching to a completely new area you’re going to need original content. A virtual assistant can repurpose your content or create entirely new articles, put an email drip or marketing campaign together and get your entire funnel process in place so you have a system ready when your potential clients contact you.
  3. Research & case studies. — You can easily lose hours and days on just a few research projects. There is no shortage of information and sifting through the pages and studies relevant to your topics take up precious time that could be better spent on writing or strategizing.
  4. Video & online course support. — Making videos and creating an online presence has never been more popular. However, good editing and hosting provide a polished, professional appearance your clients and prospects will appreciate. Start creating a webinar and online course now that is ready for purchase. Have other products for sale? Your VA can create a shopping cart feature so your customers can click to buy.
  5. Homework. — So many people are hiring business coaches and consultants before they begin their business. It is a wise investment I highly recommend. Along with it comes homework which needs to be completed to keep moving forward and growing. While you’re working through the strategies and devoting your time to building a plan have your virtual assistant do the work for you to simply review.

There’s no reason you can’t be prepared before you’re open for business. An added bonus is you are much more motivated knowing you have taken care of the dreaded details beforehand. Getting clients, generating income, and growing your business is an awesome high. Nothing takes the wind out of your sails faster than being buried in work that needs to be done, but doesn’t need to be done by you.

Because you can’t do it all yourself….Melissa Smith, The PVA is the bestselling author of Hire the Right Virtual Assistant and host of theAdmin to VA Summit. To learn more about working with a Virtual Assistant contact Melissa here.