Is the Thought of Working With A Virtual Assistant Intimidating?

Outsourcing, no matter what business you’re in, has become the new way to do business. You’ve probably been doing it for years without thinking about it. Do you use your own resources to print your materials? Do you use a courier service? Is your bookkeeper part of your office staff? All these tasks used to be completed by administrative assistants.

What about outsourcing graphics, web design, marketing, social media campaigns, newsletters, blogging, and so on? Chances are you know someone who has used a virtual assistant for at least one of these projects.

You may have read books and articles that encourage the use of VAs to free up your time and still something is holding you back. Could it be simply the thought of it is intimidating? Maybe you tried using a VA before and it didn’t work out so now you’re not sure if you’re ready to try again.

Here are some tips for those who have tried working with a VA before. If it doesn’t work out don’t limit the lack of success to the profession. Rather see it for what it is — not the right fit. Companies of all kinds hire employees. Some stay, some leave, others get fired. We are comfortable with this model because that’s the way it’s been for a very long time. It’s no different when you work with a VA. The secret is hiring the right one based on communication strategy and ideal client fit so that you can have a long term working relationship.

If it’s the process of finding one that intimidates you break it down into more manageable steps.

  • Decide on one thing a virtual assistant could do which would have a big impact. Think small, not big so you don’t get overwhelmed thinking about time or cost. You’ll more easily be able to determine how much you’re willing to pay as well.
  • Write a three sentence job description to attract the right candidate. Kept it positive even if you hate the task or project. Remember there is a virtual assistant out there that will love it.
  • Get referrals. Ask around. Search on LinkedIn. You don’t have to feel as though the VA is a complete stranger.
  • Schedule two or three 15 minute calls or online chats. Don’t overwhelm yourself and waste your precious time performing formal interviews over the course of a day or week. This will help you stay fresh and recognize when you’re speaking with someone you’d like to have another conversation with.
  • Ask for a trial basis. You’ll have to pay for their services of course but think of it as a probationary period.

The way people are hiring and outsourcing has definitely changed. Use it to your advantage. No more sifting through hundreds of resumes, scheduling in-person interviews, going through the legal hiring process, paying employer taxes, providing benefits, and worrying about making payroll. All this makes hiring a virtual assistant a lot less intimidating.

Because you can’t do it all yourself….Melissa Smith, The PVA is the bestselling author of Hire the Right Virtual Assistant and host of theAdmin to VA Summit. To learn more about working with a Virtual Assistant contact Melissa here.