Breaking the Barrier: Looking at Ten Common Arguments Vegans Hear — Part 2


Picking up where we left off last night, we’re looking at ten of the more common arguments against veganism and refuting them with well thought-out counter arguments. My goal in doing this, as I said in the last article is to show people that it’s easy being vegan, and the idea of restriction is psychosomatic. In this article we’ll look at a human’s right to subjugate those they deem less worthy, the carnivore family, how expensive a vegan lifestyle can be.

Argument #4 — Humans are more intelligent than animals so we have a right to use them how we see fit

  • There’s so much wrong with this argument that it’s really hard to hit all the points, so I want to try and make a very generalized one instead. This kind of mentality has been used since the dawn of man, strong tribes conquered weak ones, rich people conquer poor people, whites conquered non whites, all because they thought the people they conquered were so fundamentally different that they didn’t deserve the right to a long and peaceful life. Is this really what we want to be known for amongst our species? Why is it that we find living peacefully so difficult that instead, we have to go to the other extreme, which is completely animalistic violence towards our fellow Earthlings? You know, the Earth IS big enough for everyone to live peacefully, there’s no need for us to conquer everything and everyone on it. Lets try to do better than that okay?

Argument #5 — Lions and other carnivores eat animals, so why can’t we?

  • Well, the answer, simply put, is that we are not carnivores and we display none of the characteristics that literally all carnivores share. We don’t have large canines for shredding, our intestines are too long to process meat, and we cannot process it properly, we don’t actually need meat to survive. Lions, and other carnivores have large canines to shred, their intestines are small and better suited to process meat efficiently, and they are obligate carnivores. This means that they legitimately need to eat meat to survive. Aside from that, there’s the fact that a lion hunting does obviously less environmental damage than someone going to Wal-Mart for a Ribeye.

Argument #6 — But being vegan is so expensive!

  • You know what? I’m not going to lie and tell you that it’s the cheapest method of eating, because it’s not. Depending on how you budget your grocery bill, it would come out around the same price. But I will tell you this, if you focus SOLELY on organic, non gmo, and every other label to lull you into a false sense of superiority then yes, it will get expensive. If you want to live solely off of the vegan junk food like veggie burgers and stuff like that, yes, it will get expensive. The key is to find a nice balance of everything to make sure you’re getting all you need, and still enjoying what you eat. It’s very easy to be vegan on a budget, as a matter of fact, there are countless books and YouTube pages on it as well!


We’ve continued our journey into breaking down some of the most common arguments against veganism while still trying to stay at a decent pace. I don’t want anyone reading this to feel like they are being talked down to. On the contrary, I want to empower people to make the ethical choice, and to stop contributing to the murder of billions of innocent beings every year. I want to empower people to make the plunge and go vegan.