The Right to Choose


This is probably one of the most frequently used, and easily most annoying arguments that flesh eaters use against veganism. The argument goes as follows: since they respect our right to be vegan, we need to respect their right to not be. There are a few things wrong with this, the most obvious is the lack of choice for the animals.

Veganism Isn’t a Choice Once You Know the Alternative

People are still under the impression that veganism is a choice, but it isn’t. You see, once you know how terrible the animal agriculture industry is, and how destructive it is to the entire world, the only truly ethical choice left is to be vegan. Doing the ethically sound thing isn’t a choice, it’s a moral imperative that we should all take part in, so that we can fix the damage we’ve done to the world.

Also, when we call veganism a choice, we treat it as a mere diet. Veganism is not, and has never been just a diet. veganism encompasses every area of our lives. It seeks to eliminate the exploitation of animals as far as practicable and possible. Eating a plant-based diet is just the dietary aspect. It is our duty as ethical people to live as ethical vegans.

Can veganism be a choice? In a big sense, it obviously is a choice. But, between living a morally and ethically sound life, and blatantly supporting animal abuse on a grand scale, which would you choose?

Is Consuming Flesh Actually a Choice?

I walk into your house, tie you and your partner up, and I make you watch me stab them. When I’m in court, I tell the court that they have to respect my choice to kill your partner. Does that make sense at all? What happened to your partners choice to live their life and to not be killed?

Here’s the thing, choice implies freedom for both parties involved. Your freedom to choose ends the minute that “choice” encroaches on someone’s right to live. You can’t exercise a free choice if that choice suppresses someone else’s, and your choice ends when someone else’s life is affected by it. Unless they can consent to that choice being made and affecting them, you have no right to that choice.