12 Halloween Food Costumes for the Best Day of the Year!

With Halloweenie coming up we need to be prepared for some scary costumes out there. But why add to the fright when instead you can spread some Halloween cheer.

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1. Ramen

Embrace your inner college student and let everyone know that your not starving because you’ve come up with thousands of Ramen inspired creations.

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2. Peanut Butter and Jelly Couples Costume

Try this peanut butter and jelly couples costume when you want to be that extra couple that makes everyone jealous of how cute you two are together.

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3. Avocado

Flaunt your millennial love for avocado even though I swear my mom’s way more obsessed with these things than I am. Seriously though they’re never ripe.

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4. Pineapple

Get this trendy pineapple costume for when you show up to the party and you want everyone to say, “you look like a beautiful, blonde pineapple” and then kangaroo bop the night away.

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5. Candy Corn Witch

Buy this candy corn witch dress if you want to be the most controversial Halloween candy out there. But seriously, what are you made out of, the same chalk that they make the Valentines Day hearts with? OK, OK though I get it you just want to embrace Halloween I’ll leave it alone.

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6. Deviled Egg

Get punny this Halloween with this deviled egg costume! I don’t know what else to say with this one, I’m ashamed of my dad joke.

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7. Taco

Get this costume for when Chipotle is life and you want everyone to know it. Scream it from the mountain tops!

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8. Taco Bell Hot Sauce

Or if you‘re on the Taco Bell side of this debate get this comfy, cute dress that doubles as a hot sauce packet. It’s also got it’s own dad joke pre-printed so don’t @ me this one is not my fault.

9. Pizza Dog Costume

When you wanna tease your dog cause you can eat pizza and they can’t and you know what else they cant eat, chocolate. So why are we torturing these poor puppers on their probably least favorite holiday? Stop the meanness this #Halloween2k17, be the change.

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I’m going to acknowledge that this is barely a food costume and a niche joke but if you are a Bob’s Burgers fan I give you full permission to @ me and we’ll be best friends. And if anyone is Beefsquatch for Halloween send me all the pictures.

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Get this from Target for $20

11. S’mores

Get this Smores costume for when you don’t want any Halloween FOMO and it’s better to just third wheel it on this special night.

12. Baby Carrot

I saved the best one for last! But really it’s last because I don’t even know what to write with this costume because guys…THIS BABY’S SO CUTEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Guys, can we all agree to go slay Halloween. Also if you have a baby and your missing this prime carrot costume then I don’t even know what you’re doing with your life.