Whatever, I’m Getting Cheese Fries, on Broadway:

Tina Fey promotes #MeanGirlsDay

So in case we all didn’t know, Oct. 3rd was Mean Girls day. If you haven’t seen the movie there is an iconic scene going around as a meme:

Some more big news about the movie is that in April 2018 Mean Girls will debut on Broadway.

Tickets went on sale on Oct. 3rd of course, because what better day is there than #MeanGirlsDay and something even better happened for those who were waiting in line to purchase their tickets. Tina Fey, screenplay author and actress of the original movie was outside in New York handing out cheese fries (another iconic line from the movie) and of course taking some great pictures with fans.

Fey was in a Mean Girls themed food truck driving around Manhattan and the August Wilson Theater advertising for the upcoming Broadway musical. Tickets went on sale the morning of Oct. 3rd, previews will start in March 2018, and the show itself will open the beginning of April 2018. So you go Glenn Coco and buy your tickets now!