What Door Do You Prefer?

Doors, how many of us have them? Doors!

I had to, it reminded me of Friends, how many of us have them? Friends!

Alright enough, let me get on the show.

Over this past year, I have done a lot. Writing here on medium is obviously not one of them. But, as I have continued to write in my journal I realized a few things. One of the biggest things I have noticed, other than my personal growth.

These metaphorical doors that are all around us. There are a potentially infinite amount of doors. We can know this with confidence as each point contains a potentially infinite amount of points. This is discovered and further understood in Metaphysics. Moreover, these doors take us to places we may or may not have wanted to go. So we should not only look for the doors we need, but also proceed with caution once they have been identified.

Comment below if you know of any other type of door as the 3 types of doors I am about to write are not an exhaustive list.

There are three core types of doors, can you guess what they are?

The first, are the most simple and common. These are the doors that we can open ourselves. Kind of like the door to your house. You can open that with ease as its well…. your house. This door though is metaphorical, and they are the doors that you can open based on a decision you have made to lets say meditate. That will open a door that no one else can enter unless you let them. And in that door you will discover a deep understanding and connection with yourself and the universe.

The second, is the type of door that others open for you. Kind of like your neighbors door, when they open it after you have knocked to announce your presence. The only difference here is that these doors aren’t bound to houses. They can be a school, mentor, job, relationship, a simple connection, anything that propels your current situation forward. Of which, this door is the most random as the chance of finding what you were looking for the first time isn’t as likely.

And the third, well the third type is invisible. I mean, all three of these doors are invisible and metaphorical. But this door hasn’t been built yet. This is the door that you build with the first two types of doors. And to do that, we have to first build the frame that the door will hinge on. This is the door that your passion typically goes into (this is a reason why our passions win) with all your energy it can muster. This is the door that once built, you can open it and allow others to come into your reality. Its a special door as it can lead to a myriad of innovations and solutions that can help and/or change the world.

And, one day…

One day, I hope you can build the door of your dreams so we can all experience the lovely reality you have created for us.

As I hope to do the same for you.

The Philopsychonomist

PS: I’ve also been doing a lot of thinking and experiencing with energy and living #ThePowerfulDay.