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Brenden Weber
Nov 9, 2018 · 2 min read

Hello everyone, Brenden Weber here, editor of A Philosopher’s Stone. A publication about the many ideas in philosophy that are all around us––in our society and culture. Philosophy is everywhere and my goal for the publication is to bring magnificent writers of these ideas to a place for dialogue and discussion.

Even if you disagree with various ideas in philosophy there's always a lesson to be learned from them and applied to your everyday life and thinking. This publication takes a deeper dive into those ideas––finding new perspectives and outlooks.

Never before have significant, fundamental questions of how to live and what to believe felt more important.

Immigration, abortion, gay marriage, drug policy, and gun control — the list of controversial topics demand our attention as they surround our lives in the age of social media. But even more, substantial questions beyond the scope of politics are at play. Our existence, the meaning of life, and the understanding of our values are philosophical concepts framed as moral issues on which one must have a stand. But have we been equipped with the tools to apply these fundamental concepts to our lives or even have a dialogue about them?

Many young peoples first(and only) exposure of philosophy comes from “textbook coverage” of big names and popular ideas taught in the classroom. When they learn in this unrelatable way, they never develop a deeper interest in discovering why philosophical questions are important, or how they shape our understanding of life itself. They are left with no mechanism to apply the array of philosophical concepts to their own lives. When they walk away from the classroom, they leave philosophers and their theories behind on an ivory tower — untouchable ideas from ancient men.

This publication looks to change all of that, with a goal of helping people develop a well-rounded intellect in virtues, integrity, humility, civility, empathy, a sense of justice, and a confidence in the ability to reason.

For submissions: Apply to be a writer through Smedian or email me at thephilosophyguy2@gmail.com

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A Philosopher’s Stone

A place for a discussion of the ideas all around us in society, culture, philosophy, and more.

Brenden Weber

Written by

A writer of ideas, philosophy, politics, and culture. Thoughts/Booklist: https://bit.ly/2rKz8Zn Podcast: https://bit.ly/2GeOcYY Youtube: https://bit.ly/2Z0rAjA

A Philosopher’s Stone

A place for a discussion of the ideas all around us in society, culture, philosophy, and more.

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