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How to support one's own empowerment

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Long story short: we can’t liberate anyone. We can’t empower anyone. The mere idea of doing so is on its own taking the power away from the one empowered.

The fact that we may show someone her chains, or even cut these chains, doesn't mean that the person will grasp the chains, celebrate their cutting, and be happy free as a bird.

We can only facilitate people’s processes.

To facilitate means to make something somewhat easier. We can bring focus, notice shadows, share tools, bring new connections and knowledge to the table, and, when working with spirituality as I do, call upon certain energies to come down. All possible, but nothing that will liberate or empower on its own.

No one can do the work of another.

Each and every one of us has to make our own decisions and commitments to ourselves. Take responsibility, and take actions of our own.

It all begins with someone wanting to be empowered, wanting to be liberated.

Willingness is the driver, and it requires one to realize, to see, and to perceive that one is being less than one could or wants.

Forcing this on anyone is not respecting free will and is a form of dictatorship. Love requires understanding and patience.

We grasp how incredibly strong we are.
We empower ourselves.
We liberate ourselves.

Meaning that what we can actually do is create space for people to empower themselves by simply not harming them. Creating more self-awareness of our ways (or our company ways) of oppression, incentivizing silence, discrimination, extreme control exertion, lack of participation, passive aggressivity, and the like.

We can remove our own shit out of the way, so to speak. We can ask, we can inspire and educate, we can show different ways, and we can open the field. We can be empowered ourselves, and spacious in our ways.

The thing is many people who say they want to empower others are also full of egos, and control issues. They want people to be empowered in certain ways, that are aligned with their own views and interests (especially within corporations). That's not really empowerment.

Empowerment also comes in different doses. What we talk about in regular media as empowerment, is but the tip of the iceberg. The truth is, many people are terrified of their own power. Working with spirituality and sexual energy, I see how most people don’t even dare to go in there, out of fear of how to handle this power, and what to do with it.

Power that is not used creatively can become a source of destruction.

Respect The Process

It’s not because we have taken our egos out of the way, and start to incentivize people to take their own power, that people will empower themselves.

Take some people’s chains away, and who knows? Some might choose to remain silent and not care. Others might be ready to fly whereas some might start taking some more of their power, gradually, in their own time, which is crucial to respect and support: we empower ourselves in our own ways, in our own processes.

For most, this is never easy peasy, and it can be lonely — gladly, we can all use a hand here and there.

Coaches, facilitators, teachers: What is your role?

In a world full of facilitators, coaches, teachers, and the like (me being one of them), there's a bit of too much self-importance in our ways.

No one needs us.
The world doesn’t need you to save it.
Humanity does not need me to help it.
Letting go of any sense of self-importance, what remains is doing what we do out of joy and love.

I like to say that I am a catalyzer of my clients' spiritual growth. When we work together, we can certainly move a lot of energy — as if we had an agreement to set a huge house cleaning workforce.

But the one doing it all, opening herself, getting her hands dirty, transmuting, accepting the challenges that arise and growing, is the client.

So yes, in our self-empowerment, we can all use a hand, a push, an extra pair of eyes — but ultimately, we have to do it ourselves.

The Teacher Is a Student, the Student Is a Teacher

We are all helpers and we are all helped.
We are all teachers and students.

We are all on the path of growth. The facilitator is no different; and still has an ego to be outgrown. As long as we are on Earth, we all do.

To neglect our own shadows, to see ourselves as saviors and not be able to see where we are in our own process, and how the people we are working with are helping us in our own growth, is arrogance.

We are all constantly giving and receiving.

I've had so many moments I was listening to a client and something she said clicked something inside of me about my own past, for we ultimately are a single multi-conscious being.

And, the more we expand on this path, I truly hope this awareness and connection are clearer and clearer in each small everyday moment.

Yet, so many suffer from savior syndrome. Want to save the world? The world doesn’t need you to save it. Humanity does not need me to help it. We can do what we do for love and joy, and for that, a huge part of the work is to get ourselves, our egos, and any sense of self-importance, out of our own way — and, by doing so, we can give our heart away.

We can all save ourselves by deeply loving ourselves, knowing who we truly are, and being ourselves. And guess what? We all being one, much more connected than we think, our shifts reverberate and impact the whole.

And so we all keep growing. And so, your growth supports mine, and my growth supports yours. So is the nature of consciousness.

Hi, I am Aline Ra M, spiritual guide, energy worker, and tea lover.

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