Cats Are Spiritual Creatures

My new understanding of Feline Experience is that cats are spiritual creatures. Cats do not have “beliefs” in the way that humans have “religious beliefs”, but I do believe that the basic experience of a cat is thoroughly an experience full of magic and mystery.

My hypothesis comes from the close and careful study of my own cat, Ti-Loup. He has many of the qualities that make me human. He is full of doubt, I often see him questioning himself, full of doubt, trying to choose between alternatives. He also has complex emotions. I see this all the time. For instance, he is seemingly capable of experiencing JEALOUSY, which to me means he has a primitive sense of JUSTICE, i.e. the ability to judge something to be UNFAIR. My cat has many of the qualities that make me human.

I also know that he DREAMS, he has many dreams, he sleeps a lot of the time and has dreams. And he is a HUNTER. This to me is really the fundamentals of what ended up creating the very first HUMAN religious or spiritual systems. We were hunters and we developed special, magical relationships with the species that we hunted. We were dreamers, and also thinkers, and so we developed the first religious systems. But my cat has most of these things, so at the very least, I believe my cat to be what I call a “spiritual species”.

This doesn’t mean that he has beliefs, or that he believes in some “God-like creature”. It just means that his basic experience of life is full of magic and mystery. I know this is true because I often see him “amazed”. If I throw a ball up into the air, he is amazed at the gravity-defying act of the ball flying through the air. He is AMAZED at seeing the ball fall back to earth, MYSTERIOUSLY. He doesn’t need to understand these things to be “spiritual”. Humans do not understand MOST of what experiences make them SPIRITUAL BEINGS. My cat is a spiritual being, period.

That means that a lot of what he experiences is UNKNOWN, MYSTERIOUS. He doesn’t understand everything, yet he is a “STALKER” in the sense of a hunter, but this is also his basic POSITION towards UNCERTAINTY and UNKNOWNS in general. He sits and waits, and contemplates. And he only moves forward once he begins to understand something. He is very patient and will sit and wait for a very long time, until he is SURE about something. He basically follows a basic scientific method. He goes by empirical experience, he TESTS everything first. He is a primitive scientist.

That is all for now. I am truly beginning to understand my cat, Ti-Loup, and the more I begin to understand him, the more I realize that he and I are very much alike. We are both primitive philosophers, scientists. We both go on experience, and statistical regularities learned through direct, immediate, empirical experience. Everything else we just “grope” through, step by step, like a STALKER/HUNTER, hunter for truth, knolwedge, and FOOD source. :)