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Way of the Freedom Artist

An Invitation

The Freedom Artist.

The radical and compassionate subversion of consensus reality

and the re-enchantment of life as pure magic,

pure play,

pure art,

pure mystery.

The Art Portal

“The main and ancient job of the Mayan people is to be beautiful and grateful” — Martin Prechtel

“Dreams are messages from the deep” — Frank Herbert, Dune

Group co-creation, 2019

I validate the idea that survival is the ultimate act of creation in a world that has reduced us to fascist arithmetic, of being a quantitative statistic, not a human soul.

So we still found a way to care, love, and create — isn’t that art?

I teach people to decipher the art that they’re already doing, recognize the artistry and the everyday miracles of life around them, and create from that place.

“There are people who have felt this loneliness before and that’s why I’m not lonely anymore. That’s why we make art — to make evidence of our loneliness and to find one another and to say “that thing you felt most impossible in — I felt it too, so it can’t be impossible.”. Thats my daily act of miracle — I try to remember that this world says people like me don’t exist. By that I mean nonbinary people but more extensively people who give a shit, people who grieve, people who cry, people who are earnest, who are idealistic.“

“Yes this loneliness is here but it’s allowed me to feel a resonant and deep and empathetic love that will sustain me for the rest of my life. I don’t think that I will burn out — who knows- but because I’m burning in me, there’s a kind of flamboyant passion that comes from a kind of earnest commitment to the human condition, that I feel like I’ve been able to discover because I shed all the preconceived fantasies of what I should be and instead embraced what I was. And it cleared space not just for the people I was waiting for my entire life but a kind of intimate relationship with myself that I wouldn’t give up for the world.”




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