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Max Zhiltsov
Jul 1 · 3 min read

The Phooks was launched in April 2019 by Max Zhiltsov with the intention to make self- and indie-photobook market more accessible.

We all see how independent publishing culture is trending in recent years, but it is also clear how many obstacles and barriers the community faces. We decided to challenge the circumstances and find a new way for Artists to reach Collectors and gain more sales.

Read the editor’s blog post on the intentions and ideas behind.

What Is The Phooks?

An open Library & Marketplace for Self- and Indie-published photobooks. In short, it means we’re committed to help self- and indie-publishers reach the right audience For Free and sell their books at a Minimum Fee.

We work in two directions:

  1. To provide Collectors with access to the world-wide sourced assortment of unique photobooks and zines published by artists themselves and small publishing houses, creative collectives.
  2. To enable Artists and Publishers to sell more, earn more from every copy and, as an outcome, be able to increase the size of their editions.

SUBMIT your photobook or a zine.

Here’s how we will make it happen

No fee for the catalog placement

Any self- and indie publisher is welcomed to add their books to the library and the store if they meet submission guidelines. Always for free. And for the lifetime.

Equal product representation

It doesn’t matter how big or famous the publisher or artist is — every title will be represented in the store, in social networks feeds and included to the weekly newsletter on general terms.

With the growth of the library, the number of customers on the platform and subscribers in social networks will grow. Supported by our marketing efforts, this will give publishers access to a permanently increasing audience.

The same commissions for everyone

The Phooks doesn’t charge Publishers for the catalog placement, but we will charge a sales commission of the same the size for everyone.

Seller to Buyer shipping

To keep The Phooks alive, prices and sales commissions low we will avoid stock-keeping, order fulfillment and shipping expenses at least on the first phases. Thus, every order will be paid via The Phooks but shipped from a Publisher or Artists directly to Collectors.

Read more about how this works on the page for publishers.

Public access to the Library

Everyone can see the books, buy them and subscribe for the newsletter. And there will be a Paid Membership with The Right To Buy First and many more features for Collectors with high interest.

There’s No Phooks Without You

Nothing from above is possible without you — publisher, collector or both at the same time. The Phooks is made for you, but also needs in your support to grow:

Keep up with us in social networks:

SUBMIT your photobook or a zine and subscribe for the newsletter:

The Phooks

On the culture of self and independent photobooks and zines publishing

Max Zhiltsov

Written by

Photography enthusiast, Brand & Marketing strategist. Founder of ThePhooks.com Open photobook library & marketplace. Personal website: www.maxzhiltsov.com

The Phooks

On the culture of self and independent photobooks and zines publishing

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