This Is How to Easily Improve as a Photographer

Cristofer Jeschke Instagram (that giant-lens-cap-in-pocket look)

Step one: Just grab your camera and go shoot.

Sometimes it’s good to plan a shoot. You work out exactly what you want to get pictures of, you work out how you’re going to light it or get the shot, you work out when you’re going to do it, etc.

Then, there are all the other times. The times when you don’t know what to shoot, the times when you don’t have a plan, the times when you don’t feel like taking out your camera, etc.

These are the times where it’s really important to practice.

Not because it’s fun, not because it’s going to get you the best pictures. But because in order to progress, to learn, to grow as a photographer, you’re going to need to push through some not-as-fun times.

Interestingly enough, I’ve found that these not-as-fun times get more fun as you start to be more aware of what’s in your world, what’s around you, and what’s “shootable”, so to speak.

You don’t learn by waiting, you learn by doing.

And as the people always say:

“If you’re not learning, you’re probably dying.”

Okay, I don’t know who actually says that, but it’s something I firmly believe. There’s always something you don’t know, something you haven’t learned yet, something you can improve on.

If you wait to be inspired, motivated, or to otherwise feel different, you may wait a long time. This becomes a problem since it makes unavailable 95% of the time you could be spending on improvement.

To look at this from another perspective, the difference between people who are in shape and the people who aren’t is the following: the people who are in shape exercise regularly, regardless of whether or not they “feel like it”. The people who aren’t only exercise when they feel “motivated” or “inspired” or “energized”. Waiting for this feeling simply doesn’t give you the number of hours put in to actually accomplish something worthwhile.

It’s true for exercise, it’s true for becoming a scientist and it’s also true for being a good photographer.

Photos taken when I didn’t feel like shooting but I shot anyway.