Photolalia — An Introduction

The End Of The Line (near Trona, CA)

[Update: So it’s now The Photolalia, at least officially — Medium in its wisdom doesn’t allow people like me to create publications with a single word name. Otherwise, this is just a continuation of what’s described below, but in publication form, because Medium still doesn’t allow you to separate out comments, replies, etc., from actual articles on profile pages….]

Photolalia’s a place where I talk about photos. My photos, mostly, because that’s all I really know about. Every now and then I’ll select a photo I like and talk about it — how it affects me, what I like about it, what I remember about how I got the shot or why I took it in the first place (you know, sucking the mystery out of it all). And, sometimes, I might talk about some tech details (but I’m not big on that sort of thing). And occasionally I’ll just let the photo speak for itself (which is probably wise).

Photolalia’s a continuation (and maybe recycling) of an earlier photoblog using a better medium (no pun intended). It also complements some of the Featured Images on my Pandemonia website. Nothing like recycling, eh?!

The name? Etymologically it probably shouldn’t be “Photolalia” — that would imply something more like speaking in or with photos, which this mostly isn’t, unfortunately. But hey, I owned the domain name back then when I started the original Photolalia, and it stuck.

Unintentionally artless shot of the author sitting on the lip of a cinder cone.

And who am I? Just another Anglo-Australian living in California, I guess….

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