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The Pi Project is a Medium publication with the aim to show how a Raspberry Pi can be used as a home server and for other DIY projects. Here you will be able to find various manuals and helpful blogpost to get your perfect Raspberry Pi set up and run various applications and self-hosted services. If you are interested in Raspberry Pi projects and using it as a home server, make sure to follow this publication to get informed on new posts.

Posts on The Pi Project

This post will grow over time and have links to the other content related posts.

If you are interested in writing blog posts for this publication, contact me.




Read and learn about new usage scenarios of your Raspberry Pi as a home server or in your DIY projects.

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Remo Hoeppli

Remo Höppli is co-founder and software engineer at Earlybyte. He is a technology enthusiast and minimalism advocate striving for simplicity and efficiency.

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