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The Middle of Nowhere

But halfway to somewhere

I finally found a few places where this “Middler and FiDdLer” perspective might fit here at Medium. My post yesterday was kind of a check to our snowball of revolutionaries that’s been encouraged the last few years (or decades in a subtler way). It’s hard to keep in mind, but that feed does keep the cattle and pigs at the trough, if you know what I mean, in terms of information consumption levels.

Humankind’s record with revolutionaries is pretty scary, once the romanticizing lenses of postmodernism, particularly, are changed out for something approaching full spectrum lenses, with unedited footage, etc. Slow, patient, steady…with acknowledged complexity, does not a headline make.

But, maybe when revolutionaries are a dime-a-dozen the economics of “change” will be less attractive. Hmmm. Surely we’re getting there. And surely we’ve grown since the French Revolution and the Bolshevik Revolution? (But our brains are still wired the same way despite “clean slate” theorists.)

Okay, was that dark enough? Well, when you’re dealing with Stralfs and their catalyzing of conflict and dysfunctional context, it’s gonna be dark sometimes.

HOWEVER, Rhettie and Wally have been working on things, taking two parallel paths. One is about just getting more of us out where most people (not all) seem to thrive better, and inexpensively. The other is in making the series of musicals for their meta-mockumentary about the Stralfs — which also involves creating Stuards Institute from the proceeds.

My time is up, so I’ll just leave you with a few images and explanations that show how Stu sees Rhettie and Wally communicating some big ideas — proposals. Rhettie’s triangle is green. (You can look back to last Tuesday’s edition to see how this triangle thing got started.)

Wally has created a short rhyme that he thinks Rhettie will like. He wants to show Rhettie that he can help get one of her Resettlings started, and this is an ad he’s proposing — along with showing Rhettie that he “gets it”, from what she’s shared. (Ade Way Road was the original name for the first real road between Chicago and Indianapolis, and was named after George Ade. True story.)

Roads is plural because the route changed over time, between around 1919 and 1926 or so when we went to numbered highways. Morocco was always on the route. Silly as it might seem, this ad from Wally meant to lot to Rhettie. She smiled and her eyes went a little shiny again.

Rhettie has proposed a title for the first musical in the meta-mockumentary series. After all this time, she still doesn’t know much about Wally’s background (that will change this Saturday), but she does know that her mention of Genesis when she discovered The Point made him react in an uncharacteristic way.

Wally tried to be his usual no-nonsense seemingly steely self, but his eyes got kinda big and he put the paper down and looked at Rhettie in that Are you serious? and hoping so way. Then he looked at the paper again and shook his head a little, but not in the way that means no. It was more in that way that means I don’t know…but I hope so and I can hardly believe this. This would lead to the conversation they’ll have this Saturday in the newsletter.

Hope your week is off to a great start!

Thanks for reading.





7th Pie Theory from Bug Stu and Allie Space-Owl. There are six pies represented in the American Economic Tray, and we need a 7th. It leads to a way funner way than the fray we have today — per Stu and Allie. And so long Postmodernism. And hopefully, so long Stralfs.

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