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History of the Second-wave in Pandemics

Photo by Ivan Diaz on Unsplash
  • 1889–92 (possible origin -Russia): 2 phases, later more severe.
  • 1918–20 (USA/China): 2 phases, later more severe.1946–48 (Australia/China): mild phases.
  • 1957–58 (China): 2 phases, equally severe.
  • 1968–69 (China): mild and slow spread.
  • 1977–78 (China): Unclear due to co-circulation of other influenza viruses.
  • 2009–10 (Mexico): 2 phases, mild.



All about health sciences, laws, inter-relationships between the two.

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The Pill and Bar is about Health science,Law and the relation between the two