Pilot Light Podcast #1: Last Dragon Pizza

How Nicole gained over 60 weekly customers and a cult following

It all started with childhood nostalgia and natural disaster.

In episode 1 of The Pilot Light, Homemade Co-Founder Nick Devane meets Nicole, a web developer, movie buff and the heart and soul of Last Dragon Pizza, the homemade pizza brand with fans all over the country.

She has over 60 weekly customers, only operates during half of the week, and connects fans of the movie The Last Dragon with her creative recipes, making her a tourist destination for fans worldwide.

Nicole talks about managing all this on her own, how she uses social media to attract customers, how naming her business after a kung fu flick affects business, and why Hurricane Sandy kick-started her career.


She even had customers from Texas come to pick up her pizza.

Hear “The Master” speak..

Tap the embed below or download the podcast here to listen.

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