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Atlassian Team22 Recap

Co-CEO of Atlassian Scott Farquhar kicks off with a keynote:

Atlassian returned to Vegas with a bang (and ended with a bash) this year for their first in person summit since the pandemic — with thousands in attendance and swagged up to the nines, here’s our top picks of the hot news and trends from the show…

People > Process > Tools

For an event about tooling, focussing on the human problems was a core theme of a surprising amount of both the keynotes, breakouts, and discussion on the booths. With the world cautiously returning to offices and trying to workout just what a “hybrid” existence might mean, the message from award winning partners including both Accenture and Adaptavist was clear — don’t expect a tool to fix problems better tackled by investing in your people and processes (at least to some extent). The on site Atlassian Teamlab researchers presented engaging results of their own finding around what enables successful teams — with focussed enablement on Listening & Empathy making a surprising leading skill, beating out more conventional favourites like creativity and problem solving.

Learn more at COVID-19: Busting the myths of agile transformation

Your company’s world in one place — Atlas

Previously in trials as Team Central, Atlassian formally launched their new team directory product Atlas for cloud. Finally providing a long requested place for organisations to be modelled within the Atlassian stack, Atlas also brings with it the promise to dramatically streamline status reporting and focus time on the goals that matter, taking transparent aim at reducing the amount of time workers spend in unfulfilling status meetings

All moving in the same direction — Compass and Open DevOps

Integration and enabling teams to use “whatever tools they want” formed a strong theme through Team22 with Atlassian firmly establishing their stance of knitting together all the tools a modern enterprise inevitably uses (180+ on average according to their research). Key sponsor Snyk’s sophisticated security tooling was showcased as one of many tools in the ecosystem that Atlassian believes its new services like Compass and Open DevOps will help bring a balance of both Team Autonomy and organisational alignment.

The formal launch of a Data Lake product and the appearance of visualisation provided clear outcomes from Atlassian’s acquisition of, as well as easing the task for those wanting to create sophisticated insights from data across the Atlassian Platform

Techcrunch on Atlassian’s Data Lake

A voyage into the backlog — Jira Product Discovery

A surprise appearance for some was a new offering specifically targeted at enabling Product Management usecases within Jira, with features ranging from idea management to lightweight impact/effort mapping. For those feeling a bit lost sifting through pages of one-liner titles in Jira backlogs this might be one to watch for making a big impact as it rolls out. A new Design tab providing a home for assets and integrations like InVision and Figma will also be a welcome appearance for many.

Confluence’s presenter mode went down well as a remedy for slideware overload…

Whilst hundreds of tools and extensibility were welcomed repeatedly, Atlassian’s new presenter mode in Confluence clearly seeks to rid us of one — slideware. Demos showcased the ability for teams to instantly turn wiki pages into surprisingly palatable formats for presentation on screen, and also integrating much improved chart and graph options.

The surprise darling of Team22 — Trello

Emerging as both a favourite guilty pleasure AND a secret power tool for workers across even huge enterprises, Trello came up continually as the tool that individuals found supercharged their productivity. Presenters in multiple sessions, and even those planning the event itself championed how the lightweight and flexible cards and boards were how huge numbers of people chose to keep their day to day tasks from descending into chaos. At the popular App Day pre-conference, Adaptavist’s Jean-Philippe Comea went one step further — sharing the insights into how power ups can further enhance the power of this friendly face of work management products

The future of work — more human, more intentional

Reinforcing the theme of humanness as the key to our brave new world, Accenture’s Emily Sauter chaired the panel on the Future of Work

A very proud Accenture team —

Awards time

It wouldn’t be Team22 without some awards, and Accenture was proud to accept their first as Global Alliance Partner of the year — all of the fabulous winners are listed at

Even the dinosaur attendee from Old Street Solutions wasn’t keen for on-premise solutions

So what?

One message was clear in all the announcements — the future is cloud, whether working at scale, meshing together a complex web of development tool, or helping non-software business teams make sense or their work. Atlassian’s new offerings and paint a bright picture for those willing to embrace a move into the cloud, and yet further incentives for those holding out on their self-hosted products.



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