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If I Ever Open A Dating App Again, This Is What I’ll Do Differently

Instead of trying to find The One, focus more on having fun

The Blob trying to get lucky on Tinder. Purple background with two cards. Left card: A screenshot “It’s a Match!”, two circular photos, one of the Blob and one of an attractive man in black and white. Underneath the photos two buttons with the top one in pink “Send a message” and the one below “keep swiping.” On the right the profile card of the Blob. The Blob is wearing its regular outfit, an orange sweater, short brown hair at a lake at night. Profile occupation reads: Writer & Illustrator.
Photo of guy by Jens Lindner on Unsplash; illustrations by author; fake profiles generated in this app

Many people open dating apps in the hopes of finding meaningful encounters. Some desperately search for The One or for a relationship. Why can the focus of the search not be the right one(s), a new friend, or simply someone you can share a nice…




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