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Pandemic Verses #33 — My Deepest Regrets

I would regret the death of Trump
but only for one reason
I would prefer his pain to last
well into the next season

If he were to die in Fall
we then could use the rain
to wash away the blood
so we could start again

If he were to die in Winter
the cold would be our friend
He would spend his nights outside
and his days would never end

If he lasted till the Spring
we could do our work outdoors
Garden tools would be at hand
We could not ask for more

And if he died one Summer day
it might be too much to hope
We would let him rot and sway
So glad we brought the rope

Whichever way he dies
he will rob me once again
He will take away the joy
of watching him in pain




Political, social and personal thoughts.

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J. Murdock McInnes

J. Murdock McInnes

Hard times have found us, and revenge is on my mind.

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