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The Pinko Rat

Pandemic Verses #4 — Undocumented

Bitterly, bitterly, catches Trumpy

Photo by Mandy Henry on Unsplash

Wall? What Wall?

What use a wall?
Who cares how high?
When COVID comes
We all will die

I Don’t Get It

I get up early
The moon still shines
I read the news
I scan the lines
I count the dead
I know it’s bad
So far not me
For that I’m glad

But why not he

What For

The pandemic is here to stay
For the deaths, he is to blame
He could have stepped, out of the way
Instead, he brought us pain

Talking Dirty

He does get up just once each day
To babble and shout for hours
Why we all watch, I cannot say
But we should all take showers

Thief of Time

He steals our time, nothing but lies
We know we should not watch
What do some see? Have they not eyes?
What itch is it they scratch?

Oh Sure, I Get It

I see their point
I understand
They want their wealth to thrive
Do they not know, what use the land?
With no one left alive

Death Wish

We wake each day
and time does fly
We hope and pray
To see him die


You sell the food
and pick the crops
Our life is good
We need our shops

We do not care
What you get paid
We’re glad you are there
We are afraid

You sneaked in here
You were not asked
We will call ICE
If you are masked

We want our meat
We need our pie
We do not mind
If you should die

There’s plenty more
Where you came from
You swam ashore
Now float back home




Political, social and personal thoughts.

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J. Murdock McInnes

J. Murdock McInnes

Hard times have found us, and revenge is on my mind.

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