Who’s Gonna Do It

J. Murdock McInnes Vasey
The Pinko Rat
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1 min readNov 6, 2022


Rhythm inspired by Bob Seger, “Fire Lake” [YouTube]

Who wants to take that first hard blow
Who wants to spend the night in jail
Who will tell them what he knows
Who will suffer if we fail
Who has a sister with some money
And will she come, will she come and pay your bail

Who will stand along the road
Who will block the courthouse steps
Who’ll hang the sign over the freeway
Who will fight to the last breath
Who will spend a month in prison
and still get up, still get up and try again

I see you’re wearing that black T
I see you are heading out again
While I tell myself a pack of lies
one more excuse to close my eyes
When will I stand, not criticize
When will I be the one that tries



J. Murdock McInnes Vasey
The Pinko Rat

Hard times have found us, and revenge is on my mind.